Northland Scaffolding

Chris Douglas opened Northland Scaffolding in 2002 making the decision early on  to select the German engineered Layher Scaffolding as his preferred system scaffolding. Beginning with Layher SpeedyScaf  before transitioning to Layher Allround Scaffolding as it became available. The high quality engineering and progressive product development of Layher Scaffolding has provided Northland Scaffolding with the equipment to produce some truly innovative scaffolding solutions.  


Northern Safety Limited (NSL)

Opening in 2015 Northern Safety limited partnered with Northland Scaffolding to supply  Safety Nets, Temporary Site Fencing, Ground Protection Mats as well as other services to support work site safety.

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Scaffolding Systems

    • Northland Scaffolding excels in utilizing Layher's versatile Allround scaffolding system to deliver comprehensive solutions for roof edge protection, access towers, and working platforms for both new and existing buildings. Roof edge protection systems offer a secure perimeter around potential fall risks, effectively preventing falls. Access towers streamline vertical access, enhancing worker productivity. Working platform heights and widths can be tailored to specific project needs, providing a stable foundation for various trades. Northland Scaffolding also has expertise with Layher Speedy Scaff as well as Tube and Clip scaffolding to be able to provide scaffolding systems for most any situation. 

Industrial Scaffolding

Scaffolding in industrial sites plays a pivotal role in ensuring safe and efficient operations. These structures provide access to elevated areas, machinery, and equipment, allowing workers to perform maintenance, inspections, and construction tasks. Scaffolding must meet strict safety standards, often involving engineered designs, load-bearing capacity, and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. Layher Scaffoldings flexibility and adaptability make it invaluable when working in complex industrial settings. 

Hanging Scaffolding

Hanging scaffolding, also known as suspended or swing stage scaffolding can be used in locations where erecting scaffolding from the ground is not practical or sometimes impossible. Hanging scaffolding is often used to access the undersides of bridges, enabling inspections, painting, and structural repairs. Using various techniques, the scaffolding can be hung from the bridge itself and used to form a safe suspended working platform.  

Propping Scaffolding

Propping scaffolding, also known as shoring scaffolding, is a temporary structure designed to support heavy loads during construction or renovation projects. It's crucial for reinforcing walls, ceilings, and floors, ensuring safety and stability. These scaffolds come in various forms, such as adjustable steel props, providing essential structural support in construction work.

Birdcage Scaffolding

Birdcage scaffolding is a vertical system that encloses a large working area, offering access for multiple trades simultaneously. It's used for construction, renovation, or maintenance projects where a full-height scaffold is necessary. The name "birdcage" comes from its grid-like structure that resembles the bars of a birdcage, providing stability and efficiency.

Shrink Wrap Encapsulation

Scaffolding shrink wrap encapsulation is a technique that involves covering scaffolding with a weather-resistant shrink wrap material. It's employed to shield construction or renovation sites from external elements like rain, wind, and debris. This protective barrier ensures a controlled work environment, safeguards the project, and enhances safety and efficiency in adverse weather conditions.

Safety Nets

Safety nets are essential for fall protection in construction and industrial settings. Constructed from strong, flexible materials, they provide a reliable safety barrier for workers at heights. These nets absorb and distribute impact energy, reducing the risk of injury. They're a crucial component in maintaining workplace safety standards and preventing accidents.

Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing is a quick, versatile solution for short-term security and crowd control needs. Constructed from portable panels, it's ideal for construction sites, events, and more. Easy to install and relocate, it offers durability and adaptability, making it a cost-effective choice for temporary security and organization.

Ground Protection Mats

Ground protection mats, made from durable composite material to shield surfaces from damage during construction, events, or landscaping. They disperse heavy loads, preventing rutting and soil compaction. These portable mats are easy to install and relocate, providing an efficient and cost-effective solution for safeguarding delicate terrain.